And I fell in love with you.

even the quote for the post is super shoujo cliche

  • Koisuru Harinezumi – Chapter 01: download

we’re dropping it btw admins aren’t feelin’ the series, senpai scans will be continuing it~

Ugh, to hell with it.

take it and run y’fools

  • Shan He She Ji Tu – Chapter 02: download

New series in joint with Chibi Manga

  • Kataomoi Shoten: Chapter 01 - download

Manhua power! (gotta read these left to right, got it?)

We’re half-back!

Half of us are back, half of us are still on exam-hiatus. But yeah, the admins are back so releases are bayuck.

  • Heroine Shikkaku: Final Extra Chapter - download
  • Ningyo no Ouji-sama: Chapter 01 - download

New website too! We still can’t afford to remove these ugly adverts yet tho :| slowly but surely saving up………….



Hey guys,

So 200wpm will be going on exam hiatus for the next month. The majority of the group are going through exams. Once we’re back from hiatus (June 24th), I’m pretty sure we’ll have stocked up a whole bunch of releases for a mass release (hopefully, maybe, don’t take my word for it).

See ya!


say wHAAAAAAAAAT massive release from 200wpm!? yeah man, we’ve pulled ourselves together, oho.

We’ve finally finished Heroine Shikkaku. You know, we (Yun and I) started this group up for the sake of completing the series after it was dropped for so long. It was definitely worthwhile. It was one of my all time favourite shoujos back then, and it still is. Thank you for supporting us along the way, guys~ We hope that you’ve enjoyed the series as much as we have. Read More


[breaks down crying] i love this series so much


Dun dun duuuuuuuun, chapter 01 of Haru Meguru!

Cries, it’s exam season over here. Just a heads up that releases are gonna start getting a bit slower now ;;


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