indefinite hiatus

so uni is getting a bit intense and i can’t be sure how much time i can put into scanlating ;;;

we’ll probably still be releasing but it definitely won’t be on a regular basis

god bless summer holidays

summer hiatus until the 5th of oct yo


[insert emotional music]


this was ready ages ago but i was just too lazy to upload lol pls 4giv

By popular demand,

We’ve converted this manhua into long strip format~ it’s prettier but idk, it’s not originally long strip format so yeah…

A monster’s child…

lol sorry guys i fell asleep last night when i was supposed to release this but yeah

What’s with these damn sparkles?

…That’s your mom?

  • Metto-kun wa Ikemen desu: Chapter 01 – download

you guys probably didn’t realise (we didn’t even realise) last week was our second year anniversary hahahahahaha happy late anniversary????


And I fell in love with you.

even the quote for the post is super shoujo cliche

  • Koisuru Harinezumi – Chapter 01: download

we’re dropping it btw admins aren’t feelin’ the series, senpai scans will be continuing it~


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